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10 March 2010 @ 09:52 pm

1. Words_by_Yuuuma (w_b_y) Fansubs 
     Please read OUR RULES carefully before joining.

2. Community membership is moderated

3. How to Join
♪ Please introduce yourself in this post.
♪ Please make sure you have read
OUR RULES, and write down that you promised to abide it.
♪ You MUST answer this question : tell us what you LIKE and DON'T LIKE about our fish boy Nakayama Yuma
♪ Click JOIN button

4. New Notice (because many users DIDN'T read this "HOW TO JOIN" post carefully !!)
♪ Every week we'll reject users who haven't left comments in our introduction post. So if that happen to you, please do the join steps again (introduce yourself, write down in your own sentences that you'll abide our rules, answer our questions, and last click "JOIN" button), and of course, we'll approve your membership request ^o^/.
♪ We'll ban users who have rejected 2 times.  

»  ALL comments are screened. 
»  we're really sorry, but if you DON'T introduce yourself here first, we won't add you back
»  be sure to click the "JOIN " button only "ONCE" afterwards.
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